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July 10, 2008

Access Rights For The Sensor-Mission Assignment Tool in Coalition Operations

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This is a movie which demonstrates a working prototype developed by Konrad Borowiecki of a Sensor-Mission assignment tool. Hopefully this tool will be the base on which we will developed a more detailed prototype of a Sensor-Task Allocation tool in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.

Click here to Download the movie: AR-desktop.m4v
Step-by-Step description of the demo (written by Konrad Borowiecki):
Login as JohnOfUK who has Access Rights level equal 2.
 loading mission, 
 selecting task region, 
 selecting requirements for this task,
 querying Sensing Resource Registry of US-UK coalition,
 browsing visible Sensing Resources.
Repeating above instructions for the user MikeOfUS who has Access Rights are equal 4.
You can notice the difference between resources that are visible for these users, additionally for MikeOfUS You can see that One British Sensing Resource is not taskable (lock sign in front of the resource) because his level of access is one level too low (the number on the right of the lock icon) to task this resource. 


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